Sunday, January 17, 2010

Siena and Wine Tasting!

Sorry it's been so long since the last blog...this week has been pretty busy! Tuesday through Thursday were pretty much occupied with classes and exploring Sesto, but the art history on-site visit to Florence Thursday morning was pretty cool. There are clips of it in the video, but our professor obtained private admission for class to the Baptistery. We spent the rest of the morning discussing various artworks and museums. Overall, it was a pretty interesting class.

On Friday we took a day trip to Siena with the program. It was beautiful; just what I had imagined Tuscany to look like. The bus ride there was amazing (what I saw of it...I unfortunately fell asleep for most of the ride). Picture rolling hills, green grass, and grazing animals, with historic villas nestled in between, and that's what it looked like. We spent the morning touring the baptistery, the Cripta, the cathedral, and the museum. The amount of history there is truly amazing. We finished the morning by climbing up a spiral stone staircase to to roof of the museum. The view of Siena was absolutely breathtaking.

We ate lunch on the steps of the Piazza del Campo. Despite being attacked by Pigeons (they literally would walk up and try to climb up our shoes), it was a very cool experience. We finished our tour with the city hall. The art in all of these buildings was really remarkable.

We then went to Fattoria Le Corti, a vineyard nearby ( We took a tour of the vineyard, learned how they make the wine and olive oil, and tasted three different wines. The views were gorgeous; they definitely rivaled the views from the roof in Siena. Overall it was just a fantastic day.

Pictures of everything have been added (link in the sidebar)!


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