Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Classes Begin!

Just as we were all getting used to running around and exploring... classes begin!  As of now, Katie and I are taking Italian 101, Italian Cinema, Renaissance Art History, and History of the Renaissance.  So far all the classes and professors are really good, but it is just weird to have class when there is so much other interesting things we would rather be doing.  Oh well.  This is STUDY abroad after all... Sorry the video posts have slowed down, hopefully they will start to be interesting this weekend as we go to Siena and some other cool places including a vineyard.  I am also waiting for a nice sunny day to do a full tour of the villa gardens which are some of the most spectacular in Tuscany and they are tended by the gardener Bruno who is 86 and has worked in the garden at the villa since age 16!  This place is truly amazing, and it has been great getting to meet so many great people within such a short span of time.  As the jet lag finally wears off and the classes begin, it will now be our goal to balance our class schedule with our travel schedule.  Hopefully with all of you following, it will inspire us to get out and see as much as possible over the next few months.  Thanks to everyone who is reading this.


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